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About Us

BBM Fitness offers you a diverse range of certified instructors, who are not only fabulous personal trainers but who also belong in the world of entertainment and performing arts.

We guarantee they will help you to find the fun in fitness whilst achieving the results you want.

Our instructors specialise in a range of health and fitness sessions including Personal TrainingYoga and PilatesBallet and Barre FitnessBoxing and HIIT.

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Our Aim

Our aim is to provide exceptional personal training on a new level, with instructors who are highly qualified and have unbeatable personal experience in body and lifestyle improvement. We believe in finding you the personal trainer that best suits your fitness needs and guiding you along your fitness journey, leaving you to just focus on you.

We specialise in a range of health and fitness sessions including Personal Training, Yoga and Pilates, Ballet and Barre Fitness, Boxing and HIIT.

Our goal at BBM Fitness is to ensure your fitness journey is inspirational, motivational and most importantly, successful.


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Our Values

Our mission is to offer a personalised matching service, finding you the right instructors for your individual fitness needs. We provide an exceptional level of fully qualified instructors, carefully chosen through strict standard requirements. Our emphasis is on delivering you a fitness training service with integrity, clarity and purpose, maximising your health benefits in a professional manner.

We believe training schedules should be flexible, depending on your physical and mental needs at the time. You can choose to work with just one instructor, or have variety in your sessions. We’ll offer you outstanding instructors, targeting your fitness requirements.

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Who are we?

Founder of BBM Fitness, Becky Barrett, is an established West-End and International talent manager, with an extensive background in fitness and dance instruction. Becky is driven by her holistic approach to people management. She is passionate about offering a bespoke approach to fitness that considers every individual’s requirements.

The instructors at BBM Fitness instructors are fully certified, and have the added expert experience of being professionally trained performing artists. Each one is cherry-picked by Becky, ensuring only the best in training standards. They demonstrate excellent discipline and commitment, and have remarkable personalities, offering exceptional knowledge, enthusiasm, and inspiration to the clients they train.


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Get fit with BBM Fitness personal fitness training
Get fit with BBM Fitness personal fitness training.
Get fit with BBM.Fitness personal fitness training.