Personal Fitness Trainers from the World of Stage & Entertainment


“I can highly recommend Steph.  I’ve been seeing her twice a week for two months now and have lost weight, trimmed up, increased my fitness and found out I really enjoy lifting weights.  The workouts are so varied each time I go so I never get bored and always look forward to it, which is a big thing for me.  Steph has also given me advice on calories/nutrition and has been happy to give me tips and recipes along with support by phone in between sessions if I’ve needed it.  She’s great!”


“I have been a client of Jamie’s for 6 months now, and he has been consistently supportive, motivational, and understanding throughout. Every session has been tailored to achieve my goals, and includes elements that challenge me, as well as making it fun. He has completely changed my mindset when it comes to training and recovery, and cares not only about how I’m doing physically, but my mental well-being also. We have worked together through some pretty big lifestyle changes, and most recently Jamie has supported me as I started training back in a gym. I wouldn’t change the last 6 months for anything, and I cannot wait to see what we achieve over the next 6!”
Sarah H.


“I started virtual training with Ellen 7 weeks ago at the start of the 2nd Lockdown. I wasn’t sure how virtual training would work for me but I’m really enjoying it and carried on the sessions even when the gym reopened. I have really felt and seen my core strength improve. I have never been able to do full body press-ups but Ellen had me doing them within a few weeks and we are getting into double digits now! Every work-out is different and I love that I can see benefits from 2 shortish sessions a week! Ellen really focuses on technique and getting the best results out of the time you train. I have also lost 7lbs during the time I have been training with Ellen – she is highly recommended!”
Lorraine, 54 (1-2-1 coaching)


“In 4 months of PT sessions I cannot believe the amazing difference in my fitness, strength, and mental well-being.  The best part is that by working with Steph it felt like she was doing the hard work for you! Anyone thinking about getting a PT, particularly if you’ve never had one before and are apprehensive about what you can achieve, I would highly recommend Steph. Steph is really knowledgeable and so positive and encouraging, for this novice she made it really easy to get started and more importantly to keep going. I can happily say I am now really enjoying working out, I look forward to my sessions with Steph and smashing more fitness goals in 2021!”


“After 3 months of lockdown, my back was in pieces, as a result of slouching over a poor home office set up. I was utterly miserable and throughout Zoom meetings after zoom meetings, I was in agony. I just wanted to lie on the floor and cry. I contacted my GP and also Fizz after she ran a workplace wellbeing session for our department and after a month she helped  not only fix my back pain, but also directed me in how to best support myself through my home office set up. Highly recommend her service, one of the best yoga teachers out there. She really does care for each and every one of her clients. Don’t hesitate in booking her services.”
Gerald Eve – Corporate Client


“Where do I start?? I’ve known Jamie for some time now so when I wanted to get more active at the start of Lockdown, it so happened Jamie started his online personal training plans. I was hesitant at first because  what’s the point in an online personal-trainer, right? After our first chat, I was convinced and thought I’d try it. The training schedule was tailored to my needs and most importantly, enjoyable to do! After the first month, I was enjoying it so much, I decided to go for a second schedule, upping my training days from three to four times a week. Again this went great. Jamie is great at motivating, even though this might seem difficult because it’s online. We’re in contact multiple times a week to discuss trainings and whenever something is unclear, he’s just a message away. Very down to earth and lovely to work with. I’ve trained four entire months under Jamie thus far and have for the past month, done a variation of workouts which I’ve put together with the knowledge gained through Jamie and our many chats. I’m certain, once I find time again, I’ll get back to Jamie for another personalised training schedule!”
Manon K.


“When I started a workout plan with Ellen, it was during a time when scheduling exercise into my week was extremely difficult. I was commuting 3 hours a day, with limited time in which to fit a workout. Ellen was on hand to take a very thorough read of my situation, taking the time to understand my limitations and goals, and put together a workout that not only could be completed within the small amount of time I had to play with during the day, but which also helped to bring my weight gain back under control and move towards a healthier lifestyle.”
Oliver, 26 (online coaching)

“Could not be happier from the service of Fizz. Her level of expertise and positivity shine hand in hand and she really did keep the morale of our employees going, through the strangest of times.”


” When you feel like no one understands. When you want to quit the world. DON’T! Because you will find your FIZZ!! and I definitely found mine in Fizz! I was diagnosed with Cancer at the start of 2020 and it’s been so tough and lonely, but that’s when I found Fizz, who shone a light and has been there not only as a teacher, but also a friend. She is SO FANTASTIC at catering each session to how I’m feeling on the day, and at the level that I need. Thank you fizz for giving me my power back when cancer took it!”
1:1 Client


He always gives at least two options, so anyone who needs a low impact version could also have a high intensity workout. During the Outdoor Bootcamps, he was one of the main instructors and was great at programming workouts that catered for all abilities, taking advantage of the space. There were options for those of us who wanted to progress, but also for people working out for the first time in several months he would offer alternative moves. Once we were back in the fitness studio, his classes were always fully booked and he kept the same high energy and enthusiasm. The workouts incorporate different moves which kept things interesting if regularly attending, also giving you a strong base to build on and develop. I can lift heavier dumbbells and run faster now than I could before lockdown! Again, Jamie offered clear instructions, frequent demos and constructive adjustments before and during each exercise. I’ve signed up for the zoom classes for this second lockdown and look forward to be being back in person soon!”
Shoshana W


“I regularly attend Jade’s classes and love the variety. Jade is a very versatile teacher and always makes things fun. The January 2020 retreat at Church House was incredible – every detail had been thought about so carefully. I really don’t think there was anything which could have been improved. Looking forward to the next one already. Thank you Jade!”
Sarah Woodall


“My experience so far with Ellen has been amazing, in only a few weeks I have changed physically and mentally. It has been easier than expected to incorporate the workouts into my week and I haven’t felt restricted at all. With the little changes I have made with the help of Ellen I have made a big change to my lifestyle and body. I am feeling a lot more confident and stronger and it’s only the beginning of my fitness journey!”
Lizzie, 25 (Online coaching)