Personalised Fitness Training Courses in the UK

Training Process


Have a completely free of charge chat with us to discuss your ideas and needs for your training sessions. We’ll aim to get to know the essence of what fitness styles would be most suitable for you and what type of personality you would find motivational in your instructors. 


Meet with your proposed instructor online to ask any further questions you may have, find out a little bit more about them, and create a workable training schedule for you. You’ll be able to start your training fully at ease, knowing what to expect.


We’ll support you along your fitness journey and will check in with you to see how you’re getting on, providing guidance and motivation whenever you need it. This is true personal training.

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What We Offer

BBM Fitness offers you a diverse range of instructors from the world of stage and entertainment, who provide training session plans both in-person and via online instruction.

You can meet our instructors here → BBM Fitness instructors.

You can choose to work with your instructor on a one-to-one basis, train with a friend, or workout with a group of people, choosing a schedule that works for you and with you.

We also now offer DIY packages for those looking for extra workouts in-between their personal training sessions. Full details below.


Exclusively brought to you by personal trainer Amy Kinnear

HIIT the Dancefloor 

A dance-based 30 minute workout based on the shows of London’s West-End.

Resistance Results

A home workout plan based on resistance band training.

Going for Gold

A personalised home workout plan that comes with a free consultation. Tutorial videos will explain how to execute each movement, with two separate ten minute warm ups, and a standard cool down.